Mind, Body and Emotions as We Age

Updated: Oct 23

For a few years now, research has been showing the relationship between strong emotions and the general health of the individual. Mental stress can affect the immune system and trigger an inflammatory response that can lead to illness, while emotions like joy and happiness can lead to a state of health.

For example, many studies, including a systematic review published in Clujul Medical, point to an association between prolonged feelings of depression-anxiety and irritable bowel syndrome. Meanwhile, a study published in the journal Psychology & Health found possible benefits from practicing guided imagery and relaxation training for those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

If we have been rushing through life, living in our minds and completely disconnected from our bodies and emotions, we could start feeling the results as we age. This accumulation of years living out of sync presents itself as chronic headaches, uncontrolled asthma, gastrointestinal issues, and even diabetes. Not paying attention to how our bodies feel, we engage in practices like eating too much, eating unhealthy food, and eating too fast. Multitasking keeps us in such a stressful state that we are unable to sleep well, and prolonged insomnia is also linked to an inflammation response. Inflammation is linked to chronic illnesses like arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. So (you get the point), everything is connected.

When we slow down, we allow body, mind and emotions to get in sync. When we are literally in sync, we are able to consciously address any unhealthy emotions and treat our bodies with kindness. When we take the time to listen to what we need, we are prone to make healthy choices that will impact the way we age.

So, is it too late for those already in their golden years and dealing with the effects of living life out of sync? It is never too late to make healthy choices!! The choices you make now will be reflected in the near and distant future. It is never too late to slow down, to listen to your body, to pay attention to your emotions. When you slow down and get mind, body and emotions in sync, you will notice how your diet will change, your physical activity will shift, the way you walk and interact with others will change, your aches and pains will be less. All of these positive changes will come from listening to your true self, you will feel alive and healthy because you will be in sync.

How do you get in sync? There are many ways to achieve body, mind and emotions synchronization. One way to start is by practicing Mindfulness (which can help you to expand your awareness of the present moment, just as it is). I enjoy teaching Mindfulness as part of my classes and workshops because throughout the years I have witnessed how this non-religious approach can help everyone tune in. I suggest you give Mindfulness a try, and take it from there…