Disaster response: organization helping those in need after hurricane Fiona.

Due to many factors, the population of adults over 60 years old in Puerto Rico has nearly doubled in the past decade. Many don’t have proper support to help them endure and recover from natural disasters. Hurricane Fiona dramatically affected Puerto Rico, leaving many without power, water, shelter, and other basic needs. Because several bridges and roads were destroyed, many communities became isolated, aggravating disaster mitigation logistics.

Many organizations are helping those affected by the hurricane, but one of them stands out due to their courage (they are even crossing rivers on foot to deliver aid to those in need!), diligence, and hard work. This team of volunteers are documenting and posting their daily work, showing that they are providing the aid needed- help that governmental organizations should be providing at this point but for some reason they are not.

I encourage every one of you to visit Mochileando 100 x 35 Facebook page @mochileando100x35 , learn more about their remarkable work, and support their efforts in any way you can: like their page, re-share a post, and/or donate to their organization.

Learn more about Fundacion Mochileando by visiting their **website: http://www.fundacionmochileando.com/

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