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Physical Activity

Bike Ride

Studies show that regular physical activity benefits your brain (enhances cognition), reduces anxiety and depression, improves sleep, and is great for weight management. It also reduces your risk for stroke, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers. Proper exercise can also help you build stronger muscles and bones, thus reducing fall risk, and helping you accomplish your daily tasks and goals.

To achieve optimal health, you need to engage in an exercise program that targets different components like balance, strength, flexibility, joint mobility, and endurance. Not all exercise programs are created equal, and not all instructors are equally knowledgeable and experienced to offer you the best tools.

The Ittaika Method, developed by Amparo Rodriguez, PTA, E-RYT, is a complete movement therapy system specifically designed to promote healthy aging. Learn more about different ways to incorporate The Ittaika Method into your routine. 

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