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Arts & Healthy Aging

Research points at the Arts as a pathway for Healthy Aging.

  • Davies et al. (2016) defined “Arts and Health” as “the practice of applying arts initiatives in a variety of settings to directly promote, maintain or improve health and wellbeing outcomes.”

  • The World Health Organization defines healthy aging as the “process of developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables wellbeing in older age” (Rudnicka et al., 2020).

Together, let’s explore how the Arts can help prevent illness and premature death, promote healthy aging, and manage and treat disease.


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Rudnicka, E., Napierała, P., Podfigurna, A., Męczekalski, B., Smolarczyk, R., & Grymowicz, M. (2020). The World Health Organization (WHO) approach to healthy ageing. Maturitas, 139, 6–11.

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