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Rethink Aging

Focusing on preventative health while exploring ways to let go of misconceptions about growing old, Ittaika strives to build a puzzle that assist us in staying healthy as we age, allowing us the freedom to remain independent and fully engaged in our communities.

The Japanese word Ittaika (pronounced “etæeka”) means integration or unification. More than a word is a cultural concept. Ittaika relations are based on the concept that whatever one person does affects the other and in return affects the person who originated the action, for the detriment or benefit of all parties involved. We are one.

Throughout our lifespan, everyone should enjoy the opportunity to begin each day with a sense of purpose and wonder. Aging is a wonderful part of life, and we should all be able to approach it with joy, pride and determination.

Many of our choices can impact our own health and the health of our community, while determinant factors beyond our control, like adequate access to food, housing, education, or income, can also affect our health and the way we age. We can all make healthy choices and advocate for change, eliminating the inequalities present on the social determinants of health. We are not powerless. Together, we can Rethink Aging and ensure a healthy and happy aging experience for all.

Amparo Rodriguez, MPH, PTA, E-RYT

Licensed healthcare provider and healthy aging specialist

Founder of Ittaika, Amparo is public health professional with more than 20 years of experience focusing on healthy aging and a licensed health care provider practicing in the Physical Therapy field for almost 10 years. She works with a wide range of patients, clients and organizations with the goal of building healthier and stronger communities while empowering aging and reconnecting generations.

After performing on stages around the world as a professional Principal Ballet Dancer, Amparo retired from dancing to focus on teaching dance and movement therapy. A yoga practitioner for many years, she is also certified and recognized by the Yoga Alliance as an Experienced Yoga Teacher.


While living in Puerto Rico, Amparo founded and managed Yoga Urbana studio. She collaborated as a health and wellness writer for different publications and was a regular guest in television programs for Puerto Rico’s channel 6, 13, and Telemundo. Teaching yoga and movement therapy in the United States, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Switzerland and Japan gave her the opportunity to experience how other cultures approach health and aging.

As a movement therapy consultant, Amparo worked for the government sponsored Niigata and Deyu projects in Japan, contributing towards the design and sustainability of comprehensive health centers, spa destination programs and older adult residential care centers. In Houston, Amparo has served organizations such as the YMCA, Cigna, The Woodlands Country Club, District 4 The Empowered You Series, The Montrose Center SPRY program and The Briar Club.

As a public health professional, Amparo concentrates on the intersection between arts in health and healthy aging.

Amparo Rodriguez

"Age is not a barrier. It's a limitation you put on your mind." -Jackie Joyner-Kersee

“A man's health can be judged by which he takes two at a time - pills or stairs.” 

                                                                           ~Joan Welsh

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